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We make your business look good at your highs and lows - literally!

External Glass Cleaning

Your building brings out the first impression of you, so keeping it inviting and presentable is our top priority.

External glass cleaning is one of our core and eminent services that will help you improve your exterior appearance, make your business shine bright, and keep your visitors impressed. No matter the size of your project, while focusing on safety, we can take care of it in record time.

Broken Glass Replacement

Abandoning broken glass is not only unsafe but also brings out a negative image of your building to your clients and visitors.

Our specialist will replace or restore your glass using gentle techniques without causing damage to the surface. With our standard equipment, we delicately replace the glass, making sure of no dirt or scratches. We excel in the service at any given location and any height.

Building Washing

Periodically washing and maintaining your building is essential, as dirt and stain can decrease the lifespan and make the building difficult to restore.

The exterior of your building reflects the interior of your business. Building washing brings back the Sparkling image of your business if done by experts. Our professional and highly trained crew and premium products will brighten and clean your exterior to turn it as good as new!

At JetClean India, we provide top-notch silicone filling services for residential as well as commercial purposes.

Along with mastering the art of glass and facade cleaning and restoration of high-rise buildings, silicone filing is our added expertise. Maintaining glass regularly through silicone filling helps increase the strength of the glass by prolonging its life and preventing water leakage.

Restoration & Maintenance

Timely restoration and maintenance of the exterior of your building are necessary to keep your building’s appearance and structural integrity intact.

Our craftsmen can do wonder to the oldest of the buildings when it comes to restoration. Periodic check of your residential and commercial building is mandatory, as delay in maintenance and repair can lead to permanent damage to the property. Our fully equipped and trained crew has prior experience of remarkably restoring historical places and significant buildings.

LED Light Repair

External LED lights are one of the best ways to beautify your building and property, especially during the dark hours of the day.

Maintenance and repair can seem like a difficult task, but our expert crew can make a crucial task easy. We fix the complex task with simplicity because, for us, height is not an issue. With professional training and appropriate equipment, our crew lower the risk factor at the job.